Family enjoying the fireplace

Don’t let your heating bills go up in smoke!

Allow Show-Me Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to insert efficiency into your fireplace.

Fireplace inside the house installed

Our fireplace inserts will add heat to your home!

Your old fireplace probably uses more heat than it produces. The majority of heat in a conventional fireplace is lost through your chimney. Install one of our inserts and increase the efficiency of your firebox.

Our products and services:

  •  Fireplace insert installation and maintenance
  •  Gas or wood inserts
  •  Flue installation and maintenance
  •  Blower installation
  •  Gas line installation
  •  Thermostat installation

Add a fireplace to your home

Add a gas fireplace or a wood burner to your home for a cozy winter of warmth! We will install the necessary flue system and firebox to match your needs. If you like the smell of wood and its beautiful flame but don’t like the hassle of starting a wood fire, install a gas starter for your fireplace.

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